Monday Moodboard – Rain

Oh my – the weather is crazy as usual. A good week or so of blazing sunshine – now we’ve fallen back into early spring weather – blustery , chilly and lots of rain. Back to wearing boots and woolly clothes.

Robin Under Rain by BluePalette

Silver Cloud Earrings by Myvera

Cross Body Bag by Askitas

Original Cat Etching by Atelier28

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And in other news – my “Wearable Art “ collection are going to be getting a “proper” launch soon- so keep a look out !


Monday Moodboard – Summer

Candies Chessie Necklace by HunkiiDorii

Summer Party Bunting by BHBKidstyle

Summer Shawl by LiinaKu

Red Felted Ampersand by Cherrytime

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Today is a holiday in the Netherlands and the weather is glorious so I think I’ll spend the day out and about enjoying the sunshine and the music that is being played all over town.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work adding to my “Wearable Art” collection . I have been adding to it over the last week or so but haven’t given it a “proper” launch, so look out for that happening sometime soon.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Today’s moodboard – what do you find if you search under “Happy” ? This is what came up !

Statement necklace in Turquoise by Vadjutka

White Cream Cotton Pillow Case by LaceonPillow

After the Rain my Roses are Happy Necklace by StaroftheEast

You make me so Happy – fine art print  by LouisesestARt

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And if you are curious to see what I have been working on  this last week, have a wee peek here. If there is one of my Polaroid paintings that you would like to see featured in this set just let me know and I’ll add it to the next group I make.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

I keep coming back to mixes of orange and blue – they feel like optimistic colours and perfect for spring.

Wooden and crochet necklace by Chrysa

Yellow glass brooch by ElettraRossa

Original painting – Seaglass by LouisestArt

Orange earrings by Azulado

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In other news, my printer has been doing overtime over the last few days making up new prints – especially lots of mini prints. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop over the next few days. Below is one that I’ve already listed. I am also working on a new set of photo pendants that are looking wonderful – I can’t wait to unveil them too – but  I still need to source some chains before they can be listed.

Twinkly Ranunculus

Monday Moodboard – Time to Write

monday moodboard - write

Leather Pen Case by SusanHolland

French Vintage Notebook by CelessaBazaar

The Hand – Print by Anapina

Blackboard Necklace by Evrydiki

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( And also a little mention that my Etsy shop will be back open for a couple of weeks from today. Because I have been moving between countries it has just been too tricky to keep it open constantly. With a bit of luck I will soon be properly set up at both locations so that I’ll be able to stay open.)

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Here’s a moodboard to start the week – all the items are from members of the European Team on Etsy.

Stained Glass Star by PamelaAngus
Blue and Green Bracelet by JagnaB
Green Bag by Marbled.
Necklace in shades of Turquoise by Azulado

If you’d like to see some more you’ll find them at Star of the East’s blog.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Mulberry Silk Ruffle Scarf by LilouColours

Orange Fuschia Earrings by MoonSafariBeads

Inspired by Frida Kahlo necklace by FleurFatale

Poppy Flowers bag by BagNoir

I picked this collection last Monday, when I was thinking of gypsy caravans and all my possessions packed up in one little bag. I didn’t have time to post it, so I’ll hang on to it for this week’s mood as well. More on the gypsy caravan later in the week ( even though my things didn’t fit into one little bag – as soon as you start to add cameras into the equation travelling light becomes an impossible dream. )


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