Preparation – A Studio Day

New prints

Finally a Studio Day today, after quite a few Sorting Days. Although , seeing the studio with fresh eyes makes me want to do a bit of reorganising in there too. But for today , more photographic pursuits, plus preparing some more prints to add to the collection of South Queensferry images that will be on display in a local cafe soon. I’ll be adding some of them to my Etsy shop too, in case any of you have a soft spot for South Queensferry. It’s a very popular spot for a weekend jaunt from Edinburgh and surroundings.

And of course you can still pick up a bargain in my Etsy shop until midnight tomorrow. I’m running a 2 for 1 bonus to celebrate opening up my shop again after all the upheaval.


Back to the Land of Porridge


Who would have thought that “half moving” back to Scotland would be such an upheaval ? Not quite as bad as when I moved to this little sea-side house , but still enough to cause a bit of a pause in photo related proceedings. So as not to add to the situation I closed my Etsy shop over the period . But I am happy to announce that it is back open today with a little bit of a bonus. From now until midnight on Friday I’m having a 2 for 1 offer – the less expensive item is complimentary and you just have to let me know what your choice is as you go through the Etsy checkout ( there is a form called “Note to Seller” ).

And yes, I’ve been back to porridge making too. Today was snowing when I got up and porridge seemed to be the best choice for breakfast. I like using the big oats rather than the traditional oatmeal. I suspect this means I’ll never win the Golden Spurtle ( A spurtle is a wooden stick traditionally used to stir porridge) at the porridge championships. Yes, they do exist ! I took one of my groups of tourists there in one of the early years and it was an interesting spectacle. Those golden spurtles are hotly contested. This year will be the 20th championship, in the Speyside village of Carrbridge.

Even though I might not be a champion porridge maker I do have my own little secrets. One of these was taught to me by my Godfather. How do you know when the porridge is ready ? As it bubbles along on the stove top you can hear it splutter “Ach -il -ti- buie ,Ach -il -ti- buie” . This means it still has a little while to go. When it is ready you’ll hear the song change to “Pool -ewe , Pool -ewe “. Try it – it does work !

Polaroid Painting – Leiden

One of the good things about spending some time in Leiden ( and Amsterdam ) is that I am identifying some of the locations where I made Polaroid Paintings in the past. When I am “in the zone” and strolling about, shooting and then manipulating images I don’t always pay such close attention to things like actual location. Partly it is because only some of the images will actually become part of my portfolio. And partly it is because I am just so concentrated on the image making part of things. However, when I come to actually present the images it is quite useful to know this information. This is one of those recently identified images – one of a pair – in the Hooglandse Kerkgracht in Leiden.

Also today, my Hortensia/Hydrangea pendant is featured on a lovely blog this morning.  There are some gorgeous bushes in the gardens here that are also on my radar to photograph soon – this time with very pink flowers.

And , by popular request the first of the cufflinks to be added to the “wearable art”  section in my  Etsy shop. I did a few as a trial and some have already been snapped up before even getting listed, so I will definitely being doing some more.

Monday Moodboard – Rain

Oh my – the weather is crazy as usual. A good week or so of blazing sunshine – now we’ve fallen back into early spring weather – blustery , chilly and lots of rain. Back to wearing boots and woolly clothes.

Robin Under Rain by BluePalette

Silver Cloud Earrings by Myvera

Cross Body Bag by Askitas

Original Cat Etching by Atelier28

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And in other news – my “Wearable Art “ collection are going to be getting a “proper” launch soon- so keep a look out !

Monday Moodboard – Summer

Candies Chessie Necklace by HunkiiDorii

Summer Party Bunting by BHBKidstyle

Summer Shawl by LiinaKu

Red Felted Ampersand by Cherrytime

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Today is a holiday in the Netherlands and the weather is glorious so I think I’ll spend the day out and about enjoying the sunshine and the music that is being played all over town.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work adding to my “Wearable Art” collection . I have been adding to it over the last week or so but haven’t given it a “proper” launch, so look out for that happening sometime soon.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Today’s moodboard – what do you find if you search under “Happy” ? This is what came up !

Statement necklace in Turquoise by Vadjutka

White Cream Cotton Pillow Case by LaceonPillow

After the Rain my Roses are Happy Necklace by StaroftheEast

You make me so Happy – fine art print  by LouisesestARt

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And if you are curious to see what I have been working on  this last week, have a wee peek here. If there is one of my Polaroid paintings that you would like to see featured in this set just let me know and I’ll add it to the next group I make.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

I keep coming back to mixes of orange and blue – they feel like optimistic colours and perfect for spring.

Wooden and crochet necklace by Chrysa

Yellow glass brooch by ElettraRossa

Original painting – Seaglass by LouisestArt

Orange earrings by Azulado

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In other news, my printer has been doing overtime over the last few days making up new prints – especially lots of mini prints. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop over the next few days. Below is one that I’ve already listed. I am also working on a new set of photo pendants that are looking wonderful – I can’t wait to unveil them too – but  I still need to source some chains before they can be listed.

Twinkly Ranunculus