Three Little Maids in a Row – Cushion Version

The next cushion to make an appearance – “Three Little Maids in a Row”. This one is a particular favourite of mine because it reminds me of eating ice cream in a  lovely ice cream salon in Holland. But before I ate the ice cream ( probably an impressive concoction with amaretto ice.) I had to quickly take this Polaroid.

And now the Polaroid Painting  is moving from the wall onto the sofa or bed. I think  I  might have one made up to put in the bedroom as it is currently in a bit of a green phase  and the blue vases pop nicely against that, plus the little sliver of green in the stems echoes the other greens. (In real life the colour match is a little closer). I do like this kind of fresh green and find it is showing  up in a lot of places at the moment – in vases, tea towels and even on clothes.

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