Five on a Friday

Reviving my theme of Five on a Friday today.

Today’s five –

I have been enjoying trying out some new recipes – partly inspired by being able to find other ingredients in Holland. And landed on Tartelette’s blog , which I hadn’t visited for a while. I made both the salad and the tabouleh – both were delicious. Just perfect summer food. The galette is going to be on the menu over the weekend !

I fell out of love with Instagram a little bit, when it was bought by Facebook. I like supporting small indie outfits. But I’ve missed it. The community is really lovely there – like Twitter in pictures, so I’m going to start posting there more regularly again. Do you use Instagram ? Please let me know your name there if you do – I’d love to see your pictures. (You’ll find me @rhiannonmc )

I am making a bit of time in my day to get painting again after a couple of weeks where it just seemed hard to fit it in. But it is just so much fun I am making it a priority again. One book that I dip into regularly for a bit of inspiration is Flora Bowley’s book Brave Intuitive Painting.

I also always enjoy popping in to Michael Nobb’s Sustainably Creative  blog. He records a daily podcast for his subscribers ( which includes me )-  but every couple of weeks he makes it available to everyone. ( I think his membership group is currently closed to new subscribers but will open again later in the year.)  He is a good advocate for getting things done is small manageable steps. And resting when required.

And finally – do you like getting mail that is more cheerful than brown envelopes ? Mary Gorden has recently opened her Etsy shop and is offering to send out postcards from her upcoming trip to Ireland. Postcards from the road and a set of postcards afterwards from images she shot en route.


My own news is that my  “jewellery studio” in Leiden continues to develop. I had a customer drop by and choose some pieces in person. Perhaps later in the year I will do a more “official” trunk show there  – perhaps together with a couple of other makers in Leiden. That’s an interesting  thought. In the meantime you can see the new range here – the next things to be added are some earrings and cufflinks.


Five on a Friday – a Connections Round – Up

( The image is “Tea in the Hague” – Polaroid Painting – and available here. )

In another of my “Five on a Friday” round ups – this time I thought I would pull together five of the posts from the archive where I talk about the different meet ups and events I’ve attended during the last  year or so.  At the start of the year I set myself the goal to accept any opportunities that came my way this year, to connect. And there were a good few events that presented themselves. Some were smaller and inexpensive and others were frankly luxurious and a real treat. But each one has been worthwhile. Hopefully some of these posts will encourage you to find something local to you and get out from behind the computer. If you’ve attended something this year I’d really love to hear about that too.

The Do What You Love Retreat in Yorkshire – well – that took several posts to cover completely but here is a start.

Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam – an event that was based around Holly Becker’s book Decorate.

The Impossible Factory visit – back to Holland again for this as they are in Enschede over towards the German border. There was a very international mix here none the less, from France and even Italy, as it was a rare treat to see inside the Impossible Headquarters.

This one is in a rather different category as I didn’t travel far afield, but instead joined others from the local community ( and quite a few from abroad) who turned up to witness this rather bizarre local custom – The Burry Man of South Queensferrry.

Of course not all connections are one – offs – this post about the launch of a local craft group, Granny Greens – still going strong a year later though at a different location  – Fredericks Cafe on Frederick Street from 6-8pm. If you are in Edinburgh whether visiting or local you are welcome to pop in. Despite the name we are of all ages and I’m not sure that anyone is a granny !

Five on a Friday

A random Five on a Friday mix again , of things that I have been enjoying this week.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I keep going back to ETC by Sibella Court. I really love the way she creates colour palettes with 10 colours and then uses them in different combinations. I’m looking at the colours when I am thinking about what I want to change in the house ( and really, I want to change far more than I initially thought ). But I am also working on a little web project on the side and her use of colour is inspiring me for that too.

I had to pop into town today and I made the most of the trip by going past Lush. If you’re ever anywhere near a Lush store you will smell it before you see it. Apparently this causes a love /hate relationship. I am in the “love” category ( ever since they existed under their previous guise of Cosmetics to Go ). I remember being in Gothenburg, in a pretty little arcade of shops and then suddenly smelling “the smell” – and sure enough, Lush was right round the corner. In my opinion the bath bombs are the perfect antidote to “bad days’  and my current favourite is the Dragon’s Egg . Although the assistant persuaded me to try a couple of other ones this time.

Reading this book by Johannes Itten to learn more about how colours work in combinations.

Dreaming of going here.

And planning to reward myself for work well done  ( well, if I don’t say it , no- one will ) by picking up a couple of cupcakes here. They have the most gorgeous crockery based on design elements from different buildings or places in Edinburgh.

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Five on a Friday

Daisies - Cushion

Another little round up of things that have been making me smile this week.

1. Seeing my Polaroid images ” come to life”  as they turn into cushions. This one is a lovely cheerful daisy image.

2. Seeing Cassandra Harrison’s Connecting Thread exhibition opening at CraftHouseConcept . (If you are in Edinburgh go and have a wee look.)

3. Discovering some new Etsy favourites via the Decor8 blog. And yes, I did make one little purchase that I can’t wait to see – it will probably be going in my studio. The space is basically white walls and I am adding little splashes of colour.

4. Seeing my friend Tara’s  shiny new website that really shows off her artwork beautifully. Go and have a wee peek.

5. Keeping a bowl of lemons in my studio so  that I can add a squeeze of lemon with the gallons of water I seem to drink every day. Creating is thirsty work !


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Five on a Friday ( makes a return visit)

I haven’t done any “5 on a Friday”s for a while as I felt I needed a little breather from them. Some routines are good – but not when it becomes a habit for the sake of it. But now I’m gathering a few new favourites again so it is time for another five. ( By the way, if you’d like to contribute your 5 just let me know ).

Water Paper Paint  – by Heather Smith Jones

I first heard about this book when Geninne wrote about her contribution to it. So, even though it is more about water colour than acrylic, which is my current interest, I couldn’t resist ordering the book. And I’m not sorry I did. It’s one of those books that is nice right from the cover, with a kind of water colour paper texture. Inside there is a section to cover the basics and then 30 project based chapters . I know that I am going to enjoy dipping into the book and trying out some of the techniques and I can also see how some ideas might spill over into use with other types of paint or ink.

Foam “Brushes” for paint

Actually, I used to use these for silk painting as they hold the fluid really well – but it was a new idea (from Flora Bowley) to use them for any other kind of paint. They are great to use with acrylics but I’m guessing they would be good with watercolours as well.

Wreck this App

Based on “Wreck This Book” by Keri Smith

Apologies to non Apple using folk, but I had to include this one as it is one of my newest “favourite things”. I was not so keen on the book it was inspired by as I don’t really like wrecking books ( apart from very old ones that have served their purpose). But moving it into an app format takes it to a completely different level. It is the perfect tool for doing some doodles when you are stuck with something and need something to give you a jolt in a new direction. There are a variety of tools, paint brush, eraser, smudge tool , scissors etc and so far I’ve only scraped the surface of what could be possible. I think its main value is in getting you unstuck, but if you do happen to create a mini masterpiece you can save it , or email it on.

The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron

I’ve had this book for a little while , but never given it more than a quick glance.  It has  the same foundation as The Artist’s Way, with the basic tools of Morning Pages and Artist’s Dates plus a daily walk. However the rest of the book is short essays of a couple of pages followed by an exercise. I think I will incorporate this into my daily routine for the next month or so. I find little nudges of encouragement to be very effective.


Have you thought of doing a podcast but been daunted by the technical details ? Then have a look at AudioBoo. This site makes it unbelievably easy to record your message and get it out into the world. They are no more than five minutes long, can be recorded using the microphone on your computer or phone and made pretty with a photo. It’s that easy  – record and upload – no need to edit or do other tweaks. You can preview it , discard , record another until you are happy. But I mostly upload my first recording.  If you’d like to hear what I’ve been saying you can find them here. And if you start to do your own AudioBoo ( or podcast) please let me know as I’d love to listen in.

( If you’d really like to do a podcast I can recommend trying to find a workshop run by Inner Ear they were very easy to learn from )

Japanese Washi Tape

I’ve seen people use these tapes  before, but never bought any. However recently I noticed that Paperchase have started to stock them and I couldn’t resist trying out a couple. They make wrapping up parcels much prettier but also have a lot of crafty applications. Very lovely.


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Five on a Friday – Interior Inspirations

work in progress

work in progress

With having been on my travels for a couple of weeks I don’t have a guest poster lined up for today’s Five on a Friday. So today  I’m going to indulge a new direction that I’m going in –  moving some of my designs towards interior design applications. I’ve hinted at this before , and been “cooking” the idea for a while, but fresh from the energy boost of the retreat I have moved this up my priorities. It was always there in the background whispering “my turn” and I was always too busy attending to some other element of my photographic work . But now I have made space in my timetable to develop a range.

I think it is partly inspired by moving house after renting for a while. I am quite particular and can often not  find  quite what I am looking for.  Anyway, selfishly starting off with the things that I would like myself, I’m starting to build a range – and hopefully some other people will like them too !

Although I don’t have any formal training in interior design is has been a “side interest” for a very long time. When we sold our first house the buyers asked if they could just buy the whole lot, they liked the mood of it so much. Then later ,doing up a crumbling old house, from the floorboards up, I learnt “on the job”. I studied the effects of paint on walls, learning how to make big rooms feel cosier. Now ,in let’s say, a more “bijoux” residence , I am exercising the other kind of skill – making small spaces bigger ! And it also demands more restraint in terms of how many items are in the house so I am increasingly ruthless, editing out things that no longer please my eye or are appropriate to the space. I will never be a minimalist but everything has to earn the right to be there.

Over time I’ve realised that the things that give me most pleasure are the things which have some kind of story attached. The little wooden plank that my Oma had in her house to keep her keys and purse on . The green ginger jar that one grandmother gave to the other. An unusal green painted blown egg I was given in Romania. The rather forbidding carved wooden figure I bought from an amazing sculptor in northern Romania. Of course, I buy things for colour or shape or function as well – but they never achieve quite the same level as the “story” items.

I’ve digressed a little  – my intended “Five” was  a round up of past and present interior inspirations.

1. Tricia Guild from Designer’s Guild.

Around the time I did up the first house she had just launched a range for Next. It was very pale and faded and stood out against the harsher colours or overly floral chintz elsewhere. From then on I’ve followed her career. Visiting her shop was always a treat if I was in London and her books a more accesible resource. Inspiration  is a favourite – especially if I’m  looking to jump start a new colour combination.

2. Jocasta Innes – The other designer who influenced me at the outset wrote a book called “Paint Magic” ( published 1982 – goodness !) and went on to develop a wonderful range of paints , which, I’ve been sad to discover are no longer in production. But maybe her books are still available. The  second book “The Thrifty Decorator” ( 1993 ) was also ahead of its time, in restoring old furniature and reviving old skills .

And then zapping along to more recent inspirations …

3. VT Wonen – This Dutch interor design magazine really appeals to my liking for “crisp and clean” styling. But with contemporary unfussy shapes or bold use of colour. I pick up a copy everytime I am in Holland and keep meaning to set up a subscription. In the meantime they have a great website ( which is in Dutch , but the images are great if you’ve not needed to master that language).

ETC by Sibella Court -I’ve written about this book before, but I keep returning to it. I love how she writes about colour palettes and suggests creating palettes of ten colours and then using them in various combinations as a way to unify the style of a house.

5. And a new discovery for me – who is suddenly appearing all over the place -Sania Pell.  She has written a book, The Homemade Home,  which I’ll make a point of peeking at next time I am in a bookshop, but for now I’ve enjoyed her new blog, site and interviews, amongst others the one on the Do What You Love  site. I am delighted to see that there is an Edinburgh connection as she has studied and taught at Edinburgh College of Art.

By the way , if you want to join in this round of the Do What you Love ecourse – I think today is the last day to sign up.


I am planning a few changes with my Etsy shop and website in the next wee while – if you’d like to be “in the know” you can subscribe you my Studio Newsletter here. And if you’d like to contribute your “Five on a Friday ” just let me know.

Five on a Friday by Emma Newman

Beach Walk

About Emma Newman

Emma drinks too much tea, has too many ideas and writes too many stories. Only one of these is true. Her debut novel ’20 Years Later’ will be published in July 2011 by Dystopia Press. She blogs and gets up to all kinds of writing mischief at

Emma’s first short story anthology ‘From Dark Places’, recently acquired by eMergent Publishing, is available in print and e-book book formats. You can buy a signed copy from her website :  and if you like dark short stories, join Em’s Short Story Club  to get an original short story for free in your inbox every month.


Five favourite ways to replenish the creative well

I write. All day, most day. I write lots of dreadfully boring things to pay the bills, and lots of fiction to keep me sane, and hopefully, one day far into the future, pay the bills too.

They both demand creativity, and if I’m not careful, I can drain my creative well dry in the midst of deadlines. I’d like to share five favourite things that I do to replenish the source which fuels all my words.

1. Go on a day trip to an urban environment

I live in a very small town in the country. The rolling hills of Somerset are ten minutes from my door, and sometimes, just a walk in the countryside is enough. But what really starts to make me feel charged up again is taking a trip to a big city. Bath is the nearest to me, and walking its ancient streets brings ideas back in a torrent.

Recently I was in Manchester for my first ever book launch. I travelled into the centre on a tram with my family, and we passed an alleyway with an amazing fountain at the far end of it. I only glimpsed it for five seconds, but it thrilled me.

What’s most important I suppose is the change of scenery. No doubt if I was still living on the northern fringe of London, my craving would be for countryside!

2. Read a passage or ten from a favourite book.

There are some books of which I will never tire. Shogun by James Clavell, Dune by Frank Herbert, the Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and many more sit on my selves to be thumbed through when I have run out of my own words.

Sometimes the images or ideas that reach up from the page are enough to rejuvenate my tired word brain. Sometimes they simply take me into their worlds and fill me up there. Sometimes they are just a reminder that at some point, each of those authors probably felt knackered and fed up and they still persevered. And look what wonderful books came about as a result!

Sometimes reading a new book can help too (I am always reading one or two I’ve never read before) but there’s always a risk that it will activate my inner critic if I’m not enjoying it. Going back to books I know are fantastically written keeps that beast at bay.

3. Play a game

We have an Xbox 360, and sometimes I just cannot take in any more words, let alone produce any. That’s the time to get out the controller and throw myself into imaginary worlds created in a different medium. And also beat the hell out of baddies…

4. Do the housework

I know that sounds like the most boring thing in the world, and couldn’t be further away from creativity, but I think that’s why it works. It also helps with feelings of being overwhelmed, as clearing out the recycling and wiping away the traces of a busy life allows a sense of order to return.

It also grounds me in my body. Most of the time I feel like a mind floating on a spring about a foot above my shoulders. Scrubbing the bath can bring me back into myself.

5. Take a long hot shower

So many stories have come to me whilst I have been massaging shampoo into my hair. Why this is, I have no idea. I suppose my mind wanders, and the pressure to create is lessened by being away from the computer. It might also be a connecting with my body thing again.

It doesn’t work with baths, strangely enough.


Thanks very much Emma – great selection.

If you would like to contribute your “Five on a Friday” …just leave a comment. They can be five on a theme or just a random mix . Or if you’ve written a “5 on a Friday” leave a link to that in the comments too.