Sinterklaas bonus ..


A nice colourful vase of ranunculus as an antidote to the wild weather . Got completely drenched in the hail and driving rain. Glad to be toasty and dry again now .

If you’ve had your eye on something from my etsy shop then there is a 25% discount with the coupon code SINTERKLAAS . If you are a newsletter subscriber then check the email from today for a couple of other wee offers .


Birthday Bonus Day – 50% off


Yes, its birthday time again. ( Well, on Sunday in fact, but as that is not a great day for online goings on, I’ve decided to hold my birthday bonus today instead.) If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know that I only ever do this 50% offer once a year. So if you’ve fancied something for a while this is your chance. I am also going to be ringing the changes in my Etsy shop over the next month or so , with some images or items being “retired” or reworked into other formats. So this is just to keep you in the loop with what is going on behind the scenes.

For 24 hours you can get 50% off anything in my Etsy shop. Use the code HAPPYDAY and it should happen automatically.

Day 28 – My Edinburgh – Bees Flower Shops


Another post in my series of favourite Edinburgh places for you to discover.

When I got back from Holland I was delighted to discover that in the meantime a florists had opened in South Queensferry, and not only that, it is the very closest shop to me ! That made up a little for no longer being able to shop for flowers at the Leiden Saturday market which was a real highlight of the week for me.

Bees is run by Elaine who tries to select flowers that you might not find everywhere and also makes up bouquets that have a bit of individual flair. Over the last few months I have had some stunning flowers from her shop.


Now, in case you don’t make it out to the coastal delights of South Queensferry very often she has opened a second branch in Hanover Street ( close to the Queen Street end ). A beautiful space with sweeping arched windows. She is also planning to hold workshops as the space lends itself to that, for adults but also for children. Mothers can sit on comfy sofas sipping a coffee while their offspring have fun creating with flowers.

Of course she also does wedding flowers or can organise a weekly arrangement for your office.

Day 10 – Some thoughts on Marketing…

fields 3

Just recently I wanted to order something, from a company that in the past I have ordered a lot from. I had not used them from this particular computer however, so there were no cookies embedded or other ways for them to recognise me. So when I visited it the other day I was presented with a 50% offer – but also invited to sign in if I was already a customer. Once I signed in the discount disappeared. An email to the customer service informed me that no such discount was currently available. A double check from another device showed that the offer was indeed there, but only for a new customer.

This led to me pondering the whole question of offering discounts or special offers. And how frequently this is for new customers only. Perhaps this does bring in new people – but how many old customers do you lose at the same time ? I feel very disinclined to order from this company again, if I can get what I need elsewhere.

It also reinforces my opinion, that when I do a special offer myself, I want to make it available to anyone and not just a new customer. What is your opinion on this ? New customers only – or everyone ?

Spotlight on LoveMyrte’s Birds .

Myrte 1

As my Dutch adventure is drawing to a close I thought I’d mark this by featuring a different Dutch designer or favourite place each day this week. I have really enjoyed being able to discover more artists and crafts people during my stay here.

I’ve had this particular post waiting for quite a while. In fact ever since I went to Eindhoven for the Hello Etsy conference. As the Dutch Design Week was on the go at the same time it was a good opportunity to have a look around at other exhibitions. And one additional bonus was to be able to visit Myrte de Zeeuw’s new studio. She has a fantastic space on an upper floor of one of the former Philips buildings – great light and a lovely spot. She allowed me to take a few photos to share with you.

Myrte 3

If you are in the Netherlands you will recognise her work straight away as her bird cushions have been featured in a lot of the Dutch interior magazines. If her designs are new to you then you are in for a treat. Over time she has built up a reputation for beautifully designed bird cushions. But she doesn’t just choose random birds to represent, which, incidentally, she draws on her computer , feather by feather. Each bird that she depicts is one that she has had a particular connection with – such as the pigeon that marks her father’s victory with a racing pigeon as a child.

She is branching out now to other areas too, such as clothing, wallpaper and bedlinen featuring the birds too.

Her site is here – and you can read about the “behind the scenes” stories on her blog.

Unbirthday Etsy Sale

Usually I do a 50% off sale on my birthday. It’s the only time in the year that I do this. This year however I was off on my travels and then not in one place for too long so I’ve waited until I am in a fixed location for a wee while. Of course its not my birthday anymore, so, in true Alice in Wonderland style I’ve decided to make it an Unbirthday sale – and appropriately the coupon code is UNBIRTHDAY .

Things have been a little busy over here with visitors and other distractions , but some more images from my trip to the East will be coming shortly.

Monday Moodboard – Summer

Candies Chessie Necklace by HunkiiDorii

Summer Party Bunting by BHBKidstyle

Summer Shawl by LiinaKu

Red Felted Ampersand by Cherrytime

If you’d like to see more European Moodboards you can find them here .


Today is a holiday in the Netherlands and the weather is glorious so I think I’ll spend the day out and about enjoying the sunshine and the music that is being played all over town.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work adding to my “Wearable Art” collection . I have been adding to it over the last week or so but haven’t given it a “proper” launch, so look out for that happening sometime soon.