**** Parisian Boulangerie – Du Pain et Des Idees **** (another report from the 12 City Project – Paris).

Parisian Boulangerie

Yes, I know. In my previous post I commented that I try to explore new areas when I am in Paris. And I do. However it is difficult to resist revisiting some favourite districts. And so I found myself near the Canal St Martin. I had intended to have a spot of lunch at the Antoine and Lili cafe, but I can save you  from making the journey in vain. The cafe is now closed and being used as an additional part of the shop. The shop is colourful and unusual but I think taking the cafe away is rather a shame.

I knew that I was *somewhere* near the Boulangerie that is featured in one of my most popular ” Polaroid Paintings” and with a little bit of luck managed to find it straight away. They do fabulous and unusual croissants with pistachio, lemon or praline amongst others. When I complimented the shop lady she pointed to an award they received last year, so I am clearly not the only person who is impressed !

While searching for the official website I also came across this blog which has a very comprehensive review and a lot of gorgeous photos illustrating the interior. This is the Du Pain et Des Idees official website – also including a short film in French. Needless to say, if you are anywhere near this part of Paris , I definitely recommend making a detour past this shop.


5 thoughts on “**** Parisian Boulangerie – Du Pain et Des Idees **** (another report from the 12 City Project – Paris).

  1. Revisiting favorite districts or neighborhoods is one of the best bits about returning to a far off city close to your heart. This is doubly true of Paris, in particular. Because no matter how familiar, you’re always sure to discover something new in your old haunt.

    Better far off to leave half the ruins and nine-tenths of the churches unseen and to see well the rest; to see them not once, but again and again; to watch them, to learn them, to live with them, to love them, till they have become a part of life and life’s recollections :: Augustus Hare (1792-1834)

  2. I am so grateful that you left a comment on my blog!
    I love Polaroid photography. One of my teachers spent a photography course in Vermont one summer, and they did nothing but Polaroid “paintings” – I almost bought the requisite camera.

    Good luck with your exhibition,
    I shall be back to look for your work.

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