Polaroids, Paris and Favourite Places .

Around Pont Neuf

The wonders of technology. A little update on my progress  with the “12 City Project” live from Paris ! Some people like to stay in the same quartier everytime they visit Paris and make it their own little corner of the city. I’ve taken the opposite approach for the last number of years and mostly choose different areas. This means that I can view the city with slightly fresh eyes, even though the city is very familiar to me ,ever since studying here.

This time I’m staying in the 13th, not far from the Place d’Italie. I chose this location because I wanted to be close to the Butte aux Cailles area, a little village within Paris.

So far, two days in, I’ve completed 8 Polaroids which isn’t a bad output. About 4 Polaroids a day is a comfortable number to complete, because doing many more than that can be a bit of a race against time.  This is because each one can take at least an hour to complete, and the image only remains workable for a couple of  hours.

Of course, strolling around taking the photographs is only part of the equation. Its also important to find a good place to do the manipulations and I found a lovely place for that today – L’Oisive The . If I was local then this would become a favourite haunt – a cafe with a lovely relaxed chatty atmosphere in a mixture of French and English, and an amazing range of teas to boot. They also run a knitting group on a Wednesday night , and possibly other days too.

The photos at the top of this post are a triptych based around Pont Neuf – they aren’t scanned or colour adjusted finalversions – just snapshots of the worked poloroids.

L'oisive The


6 thoughts on “Polaroids, Paris and Favourite Places .

  1. Oh, I love your approach of visiting the city! Clever you! 🙂
    Although I do like to go back to places to see how it looks a few years later!
    Great work so far & when I find a place like you posted here, I’d go back there every day of my stay! 🙂 Enjoy it, Rhiannon!

  2. Oh, interesting. I am definetly one of those people who tends to make myself at home in one corner of a new place. I like to visit the other parts but I rather stay and eat at the same place as last time. Funny, thats not really how I see myself. Now I am off to explore this blog of yours. So far, it looks great and I am so happy for your comment over at my blog – I found you 🙂

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