Experiments in Black and White….



When I was preparing promotional material for the exhibition I had a couple of months ago I converted a few of my polaroid paintings into black and white. This suited the gallery colours – but I was quite surprised how nicely some of them turned out.  I’ve now been experimenting with getting some of them printed up to see how they turn out as actual prints. It might be something I have to do more of in the near future. I miraculously got my hands on some “last gasp” polaroid film and have started to try it out – the colour is a little bit off so converting to black and white might be the way to go.
Grape Hyacinths in Black and White.

Grape Hyacinths in Black and White.


15 thoughts on “Experiments in Black and White….

  1. oh but off colours are intriguing. I know that when you remember what the actual place/object looked like its rather off putting but with a little distance off colours can grow on one.

  2. I love your muscari (at least I think it’s grape hyacinth?) in the vase. The bw format is a great way to show off the structure of your subjects without any distractions. Nice!

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