I could have danced all night…..

Music in Rome

Music in Rome

Something of a musical interlude for me, this last week.  The last gasp of the festival was followed by the Gypsy Arts Festival which made use of the Spiegelgarden before it gets dismantled and shipped off to sunny Australia. I am tempted to dust down my CV and see if I can follow them there…..both for the sunshine and the music.

First off was the Jani Lang band.  Formed in Aberdeen by a Hungarian fiddler and an Egyptian drummer. They have added local musicians to the line up as well as two absolutely star performers from Budapest which was rather unexpected.  Kalman Balogh who is a cimbalom virtuoso and Guszti Balogh on guitar and vocals who gave an amazing rendition of  a  gypsy classic – jelem jelem. Since they are relatively local I hope to hear more of them soon.

Then finally managed to hear Orkestra del Sol in concert after following their Pied Piper trip to the seaside.  Excellent performance – great musicianship with a large dose of humour too, and the Spiegel Tent is a perfect venue for them.

First time performing in Scotland for Parno Graszt. They are “the real thing” – a Hungarian Gypsy band from North East Hungary. They achieved the somewhat remarkable feat of getting pretty well the entire audience on their feet and dancing. Of course its hard to listen to their music and stand still ! The instrument I most coveted was from the percussion – like a welded double milk jug. But I couldn’t ever match the amazing vocal percussion that accompanied it.

And to round off the week Paprika Balkanicus – a mixed line up from Serbia, Slovenia and Romania playing fast and loose with music from all over the Balkans.  Again, very good musicians and terrific music to dance to.  A perfect goodbye to the Spiegeltent until next year.

Although I really love photographing musicians ( If you are in a band and need some promo photos done please get in touch !) – this time I was too busy dancing.  So the photograph with this post is of a gypsy band that I heard busking in Rome last year. I don’t usually do polaroids with people in them but I think this one worked pretty well.


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