Etsy Treasuries – a secret addiction.


Treasury 20th August 2008
Treasury 20th August 2008

If you’ve spent any time looking around on Etsy you’ll have noticed that the front page is made up of a mosaic of images that usually look really fabulous together. Anyone who is registered with Etsy either as a buyer or a seller can create these collections called “Treasuries” and it is made even easier if you use the Poster Sketch tool to do so. They only last for a few days so you have to enjoy them while you can – but it means that there is a constantly changing collection. They are a great way to make new discoveries – but making them is also a real pleasure  – the chance to curate your own little exhibition depending on your mood. Go on – give it a try. And when you do, let me know the link.

The one above I created today – and to my delight it reached the “Front Page” of Etsy before it expired. That is always an extra pleasure !


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