Celebrating Completion – First look at Tallinn

Tallinn Street

Light blogging today as I’ve come back from my travels with a bug. But despite that , feel pretty upbeat that I have completed the photographic part of my “12 City Project”. When I started off a year ago it seemed quite an ambitious undertaking, to get myself to 12 different cities for more or less a week each, at monthly intervals. But here I am a year later and I’ve met the target.

During the photo part I deliberately avoided giving too much thought to what I will do with all these images but now I will be focusing on “what next”. I still have  a lot of processing to complete, even from the earlier cities and then I need to decide how I will use them. I’ve had some encouragement to compile them into a book form so at the moment that is what I’ll explore.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Completion – First look at Tallinn

  1. Wow – it must feel great to have completed such an ambitious project. Congratulations!

    What you have done is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!

    Keep us posted on the book. It’s a great idea!

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