Tallinn – Another glimpse.



Tallinn Doors


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The image above is just a sampler of the wonderfully decorative doors in Tallinn. Actually , in both Tallinn and Riga I was struck by the amount of decorative detail on buildings.

Still working on processing the Polaroids from Tallinn . Well, in fact  I am now reviewing the Polaroids from all the cities. My way of processing them has evolved in the space of the year, but I am still trying to get even better colour from them. I’d intended to use my original-but- expired Polaroid film for this project. Pretty soon it became apparent that the expired film was going to be extremely unpredictable. So while some of the photos were made with this, others were done using the “last gasp” Artistic TZ film.

Before I go any further – I would like to say – If you are using this film then scan your results as soon as you are able. I have had some very wierd colour changes with these from a day later to a week or so later. Sometimes  just a generally green cast and other times a sort of “creeping green band” from the bottom edge moving upwards. Anyway, scan as soon as possible.

Although all of this was rather frustrating, especially the knowledge that had I done this project with fresh SX70  I would have the vibrant colours that originally drew me to the film ,I have been reminding myself of the mantra taught by Bambi Cantrell. It is pretty adaptable to any situation  – ” As good as possible under the circumstances”.

Do you have a phrase that you repeat to yourself to keep on track ?


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