Day 10 – Some thoughts on Marketing…

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Just recently I wanted to order something, from a company that in the past I have ordered a lot from. I had not used them from this particular computer however, so there were no cookies embedded or other ways for them to recognise me. So when I visited it the other day I was presented with a 50% offer – but also invited to sign in if I was already a customer. Once I signed in the discount disappeared. An email to the customer service informed me that no such discount was currently available. A double check from another device showed that the offer was indeed there, but only for a new customer.

This led to me pondering the whole question of offering discounts or special offers. And how frequently this is for new customers only. Perhaps this does bring in new people – but how many old customers do you lose at the same time ? I feel very disinclined to order from this company again, if I can get what I need elsewhere.

It also reinforces my opinion, that when I do a special offer myself, I want to make it available to anyone and not just a new customer. What is your opinion on this ? New customers only – or everyone ?


Unbirthday Etsy Sale

Usually I do a 50% off sale on my birthday. It’s the only time in the year that I do this. This year however I was off on my travels and then not in one place for too long so I’ve waited until I am in a fixed location for a wee while. Of course its not my birthday anymore, so, in true Alice in Wonderland style I’ve decided to make it an Unbirthday sale – and appropriately the coupon code is UNBIRTHDAY .

Things have been a little busy over here with visitors and other distractions , but some more images from my trip to the East will be coming shortly.

Five on a Friday

A random Five on a Friday mix again , of things that I have been enjoying this week.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I keep going back to ETC by Sibella Court. I really love the way she creates colour palettes with 10 colours and then uses them in different combinations. I’m looking at the colours when I am thinking about what I want to change in the house ( and really, I want to change far more than I initially thought ). But I am also working on a little web project on the side and her use of colour is inspiring me for that too.

I had to pop into town today and I made the most of the trip by going past Lush. If you’re ever anywhere near a Lush store you will smell it before you see it. Apparently this causes a love /hate relationship. I am in the “love” category ( ever since they existed under their previous guise of Cosmetics to Go ). I remember being in Gothenburg, in a pretty little arcade of shops and then suddenly smelling “the smell” – and sure enough, Lush was right round the corner. In my opinion the bath bombs are the perfect antidote to “bad days’  and my current favourite is the Dragon’s Egg . Although the assistant persuaded me to try a couple of other ones this time.

Reading this book by Johannes Itten to learn more about how colours work in combinations.

Dreaming of going here.

And planning to reward myself for work well done  ( well, if I don’t say it , no- one will ) by picking up a couple of cupcakes here. They have the most gorgeous crockery based on design elements from different buildings or places in Edinburgh.

In other news, it’s my birthday next week and I will be doing a little “something”. You might want to subscribe to my newsletter so that you stay in the loop.   You’ll find the sign up form over on the right at the top of the column.

Monday Moodboard and a Few Updates.


Today’s moodboard – blues with reds always feels such a cheerful combination to me.

Little Red Riding Hood Earrings by Vadjutka

Alice in Wonderland Necklace by VeronicaButtons

Raku Blue Ceramic Caftan by Derinmavibodrum

Elessa in Red Canvas  by Milloo

In other news, you’ll have noticed a bit of a blogging gap over the last week. My good intentions to have posts organised before I went away disappeared under a mass of other deadlines, but now I’m back with a lot of new inspirations. I went to Amsterdam to attend the “MeetTheBlogger” event, so I’ll do a little recap on that this week.

The next edition of my Studio Newsletter will be out this week, and to mark my revamped Etsy range I will be doing a giveaway exclusively for subscribers, of one of my new giclee prints. If you’d like to be in with a chance you can subscribe on the right of this column, or right here.

I’m also featured today on the Do What You Love Blog  sharing a bit about my creative journey.

Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard
I’m thinking about a little bit of upcoming travel as I pick my mosaic for today – or at least trying to get into a summery mood after what seems like endless wind and rain.

Stepping Stones Necklace and Earrings by StaroftheEast

Large Notebook by TheLightGarden

Travel Slippers by SusiStitches

Le Bateau le plus beau du monde Print by BaboucheRouge

In other news, inspired by Michael Nobbs I’ve set myself the goal of doing one little “AudioBoo” every weekday for the next while – a mini podcast of not more than 5 minutes. I really enjoyed the podcast workshop I did last year but only managed to make one fully edited podcast. These episodes do not get any editing and so are a bit easier to create. It’s all still a learning curve, so if you listen I’d love to have some feedback.

Etsy Favourite – Take the Proverbial

By Take The Proverbial

By Take The Proverbial

A brand new Etsy shop, Take The Proverbial, jumps into the favourites straight away. Gill McColl has taken proverbs and given them a modern twist. They made their debut at the Dovecot Studio, Edinburgh, last week and were a big hit.

Which phrase is your favourite ? Maybe “History Retweets Itself” ? Or “An Apple A Day keeps the Windows Away” ? She produces a variety of different prints from letterpress to Gocco for her cards. And as well as prints you’ll find tea towels and tote bags.

You can find her blog here– and see how the full show looked as well as find out about an award she has been shortlisted for.

By Take the Proverbial

By Take the Proverbial

Monday Moodboard


Well, we had a sunny day and then it went back to rain and autumn. So my search today was with the word sunshine – maybe it will bring it back ?

Yellow Heart Spot Earrings by AmaltheaCph

Wool wrapped stacking bangles by MisticFibers

Tropical Feeling Earrings by PetitPlat

Orange Felted Necklace  with Lava by DevikaBox

In case you missed my other post – I will be closing my Etsy shop for a couple of weeks to give it a revamp and refresh my range. The format for the Polaroid images will be changing and the collection will be edited too – so if there is something you’ve had your eye on, this is your chance. If you are a subscriber to my  Studio Newsletter you’ll get a note when the shop opens up again.