Crafty Christmas DIY

bottle brush trees

I’ve had the notion to have a go at colouring these trees for a couple of years now, but have never managed to spot the trees at the right time. This time I got a tip off from Yvonne’s Yvestown blog where she did a quick tutorial on how she transformed some trees that she bought at Intratuin.

Originally I had intended to have a go with actual bottle brushes and bought a few in readiness. But when I realised that I would be able to pop past an Intratuin centre on my last quick trip to Holland in December I picked up a big bag of assorted trees.

If you look online you will find quite a few tutorials on how to bleach and dye them , but it is quite a straight forward thing. The post on Yvonne’s site will keep you right.

I decided to keep a few trees dark green, bleach some to a light green shade and take the colour out of some completely. You just need to keep an eye on them in the bleach bath and fish them out at different intervals.


I’d planned to dye the trees a few colours but in the end, pressures of time won out and I just used the pink. Again, just trial and error to see how deep the shade is that you want. Either dunk the whole tree in or just dip it from the tip or roots. You can give part of the tree a deeper shade by adjusting the dipping times. I prefer the look with the colour deeper at the foot of the tree but there are no rules.

The dying did remind me of my very early forays into textile work – dip dying and tie dying cloth to make into scarves and pillow cases – I was probably around 8 and it was during a summer school workshop. It reminded me how satisfying it is to see something change colour like that. I’ll be looking for a few pieces of clothing to give a new colour to with the left over bags of dye.

Have you had a go at colouring trees ?


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