Keri Smith’s Artist’s Survival Kit and other Snippets….

artist survival kit
Is another “oldie but goodie” that I unearthed during my studio tidy -up. I had a quick check that Keri still has this available on her site, and I’m pleased to say she does, so if you haven’t seen this before you can get a copy here. I printed it out ages ago, as she suggests and it is full of stellar advice for all manner of situations.
part of artist kit

She has a page of one word prompts to print out and refer to when stuck. A project acceptance checklist to match new work against and see if it fits your goals and requirements. Other checklists such as – “How to feel misearable as an artist” – ie “constantly compare yourself to other artists”. And a “Procrastination justificiation” list – “I’ll be more inspired at a cafe” strikes a chord with me. But also an “Accomplishments” card to fill out and see that you have probably done more than you thought.

Anyway, its a good print out to have lying some where in your workspace or in your bag to refer to when needed ! I’m going to keep mine handy now that I’ve unearthed it again.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve already made a start with piecing together the patchwork from my last post. I plan to stitch it during the “Granny Green” sessions this winter. The advantage over knitting is that it is contained in a nice small box for transport. There, I’ve written it in black and white – let’s hope that gives me a push to keep at it, for it is a rather mammoth undertaking – lots and lots of tiny squares.

And a quick sneak preview from my photoshoot yesterday – the cushions will be available very soon !


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