Studio Tidying – Finding Snippets from a Kaffe Fassett workshop.

The other day I spent a couple of hours sorting through a few more boxes in my studio. I thought I’d gone through everything but it turns out there were still a couple of boxes that never got a once over after the move to Queensferry.
In one of them I found a notebook where I had jotted down some thoughts after doing a Kaffe Fassett patchwork workshop in Sweden.

Here’s what I had to say –

” I feel like my head is full of colour. What did I learn ? To let big patterns swirl into small ones. To let colours build up and fall away. To put in a “rogue” colour to make it more lively. Sometimes it can be good to put just a tiny bit of check or stripe in with florals. If a colour is too jarring draw on it with fabric paints.”

Although this was intended for patchwork I think it could apply to a lot of other things too. The other thing I’d noted down was Kaffe’s advice ( paraphrased I think) not buy rubbish but to spend our money on colours. Good advice in my book !

Shockingly I never finished the stitching up of this project as at that time my sewing machine was in storage. I have fished it back out and will save it as a project for some rainy days in winter. It is going to need a bit of untangling but I have got the complete middle line so that will help me piece any other bits back together again. I wish I could just snap my fingers and it would be done !

Even if you are not particularly experienced in patchwork I can recommend their workshops ( and I’m guessing the same also applies to the knitting ones,but I haven’t done one of those ) as an inspiring day filled with colour and ideas. You can see where the next ones will be on their website – looks like the next ones will be in the US and Canada, with Australia following in 2014.


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