Colour palette – Yellow and Orange


I admit I was looking forward to a bit of a blogging break after my 30 days. And just that little bit of time off has let me simmer through my feelings about the experience .

I don’t think I will manage a 5 a week routine but I’ll be aiming for three weekday posts . I also want to add even more colour . I enjoyed doing the posts that contained a whole photo series so I plan some more of those .

So I’m back again today with some colour . I’ve been doing a course and as part if this we were assigned particular colour combinations . Mine were yellow and orange . Individually I like both of these , but together it was quite a struggle . Still , I pushed on , and in the end was quite happy with how they turned out . ( I did 4 pieces – this is my favourite one ). I know that without the structure of the course I would have abandoned these far sooner. The process was some painted layers , some collage and then quite a lot more paint on top .

I plan to tackle some of the other colour combinations over the next few weeks – either in photo or paint form – especially the ones I’m not really drawn to .

By the way – my http://www.rhiannonconnelly .com website is down at the moment – I hope to have it back up by the end if the week . I’ve switched company and it hasn’t been as smooth as I’d have liked .


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