Day 30 – Wrapping up the Blogging Experiment

mini utrecht
Today is the last day of my 30 day blogging experiment. And it has definitely been a useful thing to do. I have got back into more of a pattern with blogging and also uncovered a bit about the direction I want this blog to take. And above all, it has to stay enjoyable to do.

One of the motivators for doing this was the fact that I knew I would be off to the Hive blogging conference and I hoped that by blogging more regularly I would be more likely to put into practise what I learnt.

So what will I take away from this experience ?

I really like having just a couple of blog posts prepared ahead of time so that if “real life” takes over there is a little bit of built in margin. Mostly this wasn’t in place during this 30 day stint – but it would be my ideal scenario.

I also enjoyed having a couple of themes to keep going back to. Not so rigid that there was no room for talking about current inspirations, but with enough of a structure to not start from a blank page every time. I will be keeping going with the DIY Fridays and also the My Edinburgh feature. ( If I’m away from home for a trip I might stretch that to a more travel oriented direction.)

I enjoyed doing the posts that had more images in them. In the past I’ve tended to just post one image at the top, but actually it was nice to include more than one.

Although it is great to share inspirations and resources perhaps I don’t post enough work in progress and new pieces ? There will be some changes coming along on that front.

Do you have a blogging structure that you stick to ? Do you blog ahead ? Do you mostly share images and resources from other places or do you create original content ? Why do you blog ?

Ever since the Hive I have been mulling over what I’d like to change about my blog so I’d be interested to read your thoughts about blogging ( see questions above ) and also – what would you like me to blog about ?

(No Friday DIY today. To be honest, my quick and easy little project turned out to be easy – but a little more time consuming as it had to allow for paint layers to dry. So I’ll hold it over for next week. )


2 thoughts on “Day 30 – Wrapping up the Blogging Experiment

  1. Reading your post I can only say that you seem to have it together.. I am not nearly as organized and structured as you are…keep up the good work….I am sure you will do more than just fine…have a great day

  2. Loving your blog Rhiannon, I’m slowly working my way through it after being recommended it via twitter. I’m a blogger and have been doing it for about 6 years. I blog about my creative ventures and running a creative business, and I love the sense of coo
    None toon and community which can grow from blogging. I also live being able to share different issues and problems, business tips, reviews of others work and books too. I’m looking forward to delving more into your blog

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