Day 29 – Book Review – “Happy Home” by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau


Day 29 ( with a little blip yesterday) but onwards and upwards. It has been an interesting experiment , this 30 days of blogging. And if nothing else it has helped me re-establish a blogging routine again.

At the moment, alongside the photography and other designing , my other focus is towards interiors projects. Tomorrow’s Friday DIY also fits into that category.

Last time I renovated a house was more than a decade ago, styles have changed ,new books have appeared on the scene. And the one I’m dipping into at the moment is “Happy Home”by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau , founder of the the Danish homewares brand Rice, which is known for its cheerfully coloured products.


Her examples fit perfectly into the look that I am aiming for here. A largely white base with splashes of colour. She rings the changes with different rugs, cushions, or just repainting or repapering one wall. My year of living between two countries made me really aware of the small portable items that can completely change the mood of a room – and has largely been the inspiration for my current cushion project. ( They are not quite ready to launch, but hopefully it won’t be too long now).



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