Day 26 – A Little Friday DIY


Earlier this year I made a whistle stop trip to London and as part of that I visited Selina Lake’s book launch and vintage fair. I was lucky enough to get one of the goody bags containing a couple of tins of Plastikote spray and they have been great fun to use.

First up were a few flowerpots that I picked up for next to nothing. A quick spray with the paint and they turned into something a lot nicer and a happy home for the Dutch daisies.

Second in the queue was something a lot less pretty. I have been looking around at things that I throw away and wondering if there are any ways to give them another lease of life. I’m sure I saw this idea somewhere online or in a magazine but can’t for the life of me remember where – so if you know, please tell me and I’ll add a credit.



Requirements – a few ice cream sticks. I’d like to point out that it was not just me eating all these ice creams ! Quick coat of plasticote on one side, let them dry and spray the reverse. And voila – handy signs for writing the names of plants once they are in the garden. I used one of those all purpose pens to write the names, and hopefully they will stay legible. This is a really good idea for me as sometimes it is a while , between planting something and finding out if it is happy in the garden. Hopefully it will make it easier to choose the right things in future. Plus I will finally get to grips with plant names too.

The colour that I used for these is Leafy Rise . They say on the can that you can use it inside if well ventilated . Personally I’d use them outside as they do give off quite a lot of fumes . For more info see the Plastikote site .

Yvonne from Yvestown was also at the fair, giving a crochet tutorial , and she also came up with a fun use for the paint – very sweet little containers. You can see her post over here.


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