Day 21 – A Friday Round-Up.


Well, my 30 days of blogging is teaching me one thing if nothing else – the pace of blogging every weekday is a little heavy. Perhaps for those who blog as a full time activity it is a different matter, but for me , blogging supports the other things that I do and helps me to document the different stages. So daily , while interesting for the duration of this experiment, is not the way I want to take things in the future.

Scotland has also been basking in rather rare sunshine and I can see that most people are inclined to down tools and just get outside. You never know if tomorrow will be back to grey. The picture at the top of this post was taken yesterday and it really was very warm. In town the pavement cafes in the Grassmarket were full – something I haven’t seen for a while !

I’ve come across a few useful posts this week which I thought I’d share today.

An interview with Sandra Dieckmann about what it takes to be a successful illustrator –

Every couple of weeks Michael Nobbs makes his daily podcast available to everyone – today is the day if you want to have a listen.

And keeping an eye on the Puffin cam at Sumburgh Head, Shetland – puffling due to hatch any day now !

I am always on the look out for snippets about colour trends as I find colour forecasting a rather mysterious and intriguing business. Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends ( who I met briefly at the Hive in Berlin) has written a very informative column for Decor8 blog.

And the woolly tram protester strikes again.

Have a lovely weekend !


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