Day 20 – Painting Course with Mati Rose


Work in progress – Collaged background layer

I’ve been doing Mati Rose’s painting course ” Daring adventures in Paint and Life “. It has been a nicely paced course with lots of nudges to try out different materials and techniques . One week the focus was on collage .

Although I have done quite a lot of collage in the past – both digital and ” old school ” , I’ve never really combined it with much painting . It has been interesting to experiment with this . Main lesson with the collage has been to ensure paper is well coated with gel medium on both sides . Oh , and not to panic if it looks all wrinkled . With a bit of luck it will dry nice and smooth .

Mati challenged me to do 100 collages to see where that takes me . And I’ve decided to take her up on it !

The other new thing for me has been to work on a wooden panel . It feels completely different to working on canvas . I like that you can sand it and scrape it quite a bit more than canvas.

During the course I’ve been working on smaller panels , partly as it just makes storage a bit easier. I really need to start selling some of the bigger canvases or I will start to be swallowed up by them ! But the one I’ve used to illustrate this post started off while I was in Holland and is quite a bit bigger.. I was laying down some background layers but didn’t like how it was going and it went to the back of the queue. I unearthed it and still didn’t feel inspired to add paint – but encouraged by the emphasis on collage during the course decided to have a go with that instead.

Working on a larger scale was very enjoyable , as I do find those little squares just a bit tiny. I mixed up bought papers, maps and some of my own polaroid images too and even a bit of washi tape. I do prefer to use elements that are all my own though, so , although fine for an experiment, in future I’ll be painting up a stock of my own papers to use. It is still a background though, so the next stage will be to add more layers of paint.

Below is the “before” which I hesitate to post as it is so unappealing – but in the interests of showing the change I will ( although I will make it smaller ! ).


Mati Rose has also written a book which covers some of the techniques she has taught during the course.


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