Day 19 – Berlin Hive 13 – What Did Other Bloggers think ?


I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of some of the other impressions of the Hive Conference. A lot of the blogs posted have been in German, so I’ve made my selection from the English ones.

Stephanie, from NeonGroen, who I’ve followed on Instagram for a little while has done a very visual round up

Judith from Joelix has mixed images with her favourite quotes from the presentations.

Gudy from Eclectic Trends has written an account of the one workshop that I was really sorry I missed – styling and photography by Dietlind Wolf . ( Although, you can’t be two places at once and I didn’t regret hearing Katrina from Zero the One talk about video making and making a difference.)

I enjoyed chatting with Melanie who is from the UK but now lives in Denmark. She had the great idea of posting an Instagram pic of what she would be wearing each day. That made it very easy to spot her – I’ve filed that idea for future reference. Here’s what she had to say .

Jillian in Italy was another post with great visuals – look out for the map of Europe that had all our business cards pinned to it by the end of the weekend.

Desiree from VosgesParis was a speaker and her topic was “Monetize your Blog” – she has very kindly put her presentation on this post.

And finally a post from Silkie from the gorgeous Rosehip Stationery company. She was the only one who made it over from the London Bloggers Group after a fire at Heathrow put a spanner in the works for some others.

THe Hive are planning a shorter event in Copenhagen in the autumn and then plan to repeat the event next year in Berlin.


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