Day 18 – In and Out of the Garden


Yes , I slipped up . I didn’t keep to my self imposed 30 weekdays of posting . But I’m just going to pick things up where they are today . Not ideal – but then yesterday was a bit of a special case – between flying back to Scotland and popping in to the hospital , en route ,to see my nephew who was waiting for an op on his broken arm . I was determined to keep to this programme – but the lesson is – sometimes things will happen that make it hard to stick to what you plan – the main thing is to get right back on track the next day .

When I got home I was really happy to see there were still lots of tulips in the garden , along with another favourite , the bluebells . Here is a quick stroll round for you .











One thought on “Day 18 – In and Out of the Garden

  1. A wonderful welcome back, all those colors and flowers in bloom are the best!!
    A yes you are right, sometimes we give ourselves certain goals that are a bit difficult to keep, but the important thing is to keep it up!! Have a lovely, sunny day!!

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