Day 16 – Out and About in Utrecht


One of the nice things about the Netherlands is how acessible many cities are – with just an hour or so by train . I am trying to cram a lot into a week , so today I jumped on the train to Utrecht. That’s the thing about visiting instead of living there – the temptation is strong to scoot about at a bit of a pace .


Anyway , today was the turn of Utrecht . The Dom Tower is a very prominent landmark – a little bit of googling has verified that it is , in fact , the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. ( More info here Alongside is one of the oldest canals , the Oude Gracht. Once the water level was made stable in the middle ages they were able to create permanent storage on the wharfs .Many of these are now cafes which creates a lively atmosphere .


I stopped off for coffee and a very delicious cake at a cafe that my Auntie took me to on a previous trip , Bond and Smolders –find a review here If you are visiting Leiden it is worth trying out – the cakes are exquisite .



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