Day 13 – The Hive Berlin


This last weekend I was in Berlin to go to The Hive blogging conference . It was really great to finally meet in person many people that I’ve “met” from various online courses or platforms as well as see old friends again .

A lot of inspiring talks too – some highlights were hearing Emily Meyer talk about how she started her business Tea Collection and Marlous Snijder who gave us a peek behind the scenes into what it took to launch her online magazine Oh Marie.

A few years ago I decided to make a real effort to attend at least a couple of events a year – some big like this one , others small cosy courses – but both invaluable for staying in touch with the big wide world. It has paid off in so many ways to get out of my studio – I really recommend it.

( As a footnote , one of the reminders from the conference was to keep your image size consistent – but on my travels, posting from phone or iPad this is not working correctly – need to find how to resolve that .)


3 thoughts on “Day 13 – The Hive Berlin

  1. I so enjoyed the HiVE and can’t wait for Copenhagen… I have the same problem sometimes with the pictures although Inthink it might have been my tip for keeping the pictures one size… i sometimes pastema smaller picture in the same size as the others and then try to draw something next to it , mostly just lines or a word reaching the end of the image and partly on the real picture 🙂

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