Day 12 – Tulip Study


The tulips in the garden were just gorgeous once they were fully in bloom – the heads like great big wine glasses. And since they will no doubt be past their best when I get back from my trip, I thought I’d pick one to do a little photo study. I’m glad I did as it is such a beautiful flower, the curves and details are so elegant and the texture up close is so very velvety.

Over the weekend I will be at the Hive Blogging Conference in Berlin. It seems like Berlin is the place to hold conferences these days. It will be a chance to meet up with some of my friends from other parts of the UK as well as some that I met during the last year while I was in Holland. And I have to admit that I do like these multi lingual situations – its a chance to speak every language that I know in the space of a day – great fun!





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