Day 11 – I just Like to Make Things – Lilla Roger’s Book Review


Do you paint or draw ? Do you like to make things ? Do you think that it might be nice to transform these things into something that goes out into the world ?

My Monday inspiration is a recent book by Lilla Rogers – “I just like to make things” . In fact, this is the book I wish I had read years ago ! But better late than never – I think she has something to say that is useful to artists at any stage of their career. She addresses how to get going, how to improve your work, how to increase your chances of getting commissioned as well as how to deal with the stumbling blocks along the way, such as jealousy and being “stuck”. Each section also has short interviews with working artists giving their tips and tricks.

She also deals with things relevant to particular categories such as bolt fabric and children’s illustration. If all of this raises as many questions as it answers Lilla is also running a couple of courses with Beth Kempton, the first of which starts at the beginning of June. And on top of that is running a talent search between now and October. If this is your kind of thing pop over and have a look !


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