Day 10 – Some thoughts on Marketing…

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Just recently I wanted to order something, from a company that in the past I have ordered a lot from. I had not used them from this particular computer however, so there were no cookies embedded or other ways for them to recognise me. So when I visited it the other day I was presented with a 50% offer – but also invited to sign in if I was already a customer. Once I signed in the discount disappeared. An email to the customer service informed me that no such discount was currently available. A double check from another device showed that the offer was indeed there, but only for a new customer.

This led to me pondering the whole question of offering discounts or special offers. And how frequently this is for new customers only. Perhaps this does bring in new people – but how many old customers do you lose at the same time ? I feel very disinclined to order from this company again, if I can get what I need elsewhere.

It also reinforces my opinion, that when I do a special offer myself, I want to make it available to anyone and not just a new customer. What is your opinion on this ? New customers only – or everyone ?


3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Some thoughts on Marketing…

  1. I make my discounts available to all, and existing customers always get extra treats – loyalty is to be encouraged especially when all it takes is one click to buy elsewhere (if the product is mass market/similar ofcourse)

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