Day 9 – In the Flow

In the flow and surrounded by Flow. Despite being in Scotland I have managed to keep up to date with my Flow reading – the Dutch magazine which has become popular even beyond Dutch speakers ! After this issue I think I’ll order a subscription for the Dutch one and hope to track down an Edinburgh stockist of the international one.

If you haven’t heard of Flow and you like papery things, colour and all things creative and gorgeous – then do keep a lookout for the International version. They have increased their sales points for this quite a bit in the last month or so. You will be in for a treat.
flow cards

It is interesting how many niche magazines are appearing ,from many countries and very different to the traditional “glossies” in style, Frankie from Australia and Uppercase from Canada spring to mind.

If you keep an lookout on Flow’s Facebook page you might sometimes come across a giveaway – I’ve been lucky enough to receive something from them .


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