Day 2 – Instagram Fun

Spring Tulips

I had a moment when I stepped back a little from Instagram. They were bought out by Facebook and I feared that the cosy and friendly space would change. It did change a little and there are periods with a lot of spam ,but on the whole it has stayed more or less the same. ( When there seems to be a lot of spam on the go I switch my profile setting to private for a little while, which seems to help a bit ).

Instagram and the whole iphonography idea has really helped me over the last 18 months or so. When I was first in Holland and without a proper base to work from , the one thing I was able to keep going was taking photos with my phone and using Instagram to share them and be inspired by other work.

Recently there have been a couple of very nice additions to my experience there. One was to stumble upon a community called #7vignettes. Once a month, for 7 days there is a theme and everyone shoots something inspired by that. It was set up by an Australian woman ( @interiorsaddict on Instagram ) and there are a lot of Australians in the group – it has been particularly nice to see vignettes showing the opposite seasons to my own. I didn’t manage to post this last time around but plan to do so again next month as it was just so enjoyable, both the shooting and the friendly community.

Instagram has also been great for keeping in touch with the Dutch connections I made over the last year and through this I stumbled upon a little contest that the lovely interiors magazine 101WoonIdeeen was holding. They invited contributions showing some colour in your house – of course, I couldn’t resist. There were over 500 submissions and twenty images were selected for publication in their August issue – I was really delighted discover I was one of the 20 !

(Incidentally, you can also view Instagram images online at – my name there is @rhiannonmc )


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