Day 1 -Reviewing, Revising and Reviving – 30 days of Blogging

JitterBean Cafe

I have felt a little adrift with my blog over the last while. There have been lots of things happening but I haven’t felt that I wanted to put “pen to paper” and talk about them. I think partly what has happened is that I have lost my blogging groove a little. Maybe the idea of having kept this blog going for 5 years actually acted as a bit of a barrier. Also, maybe I’ve become a tiny bit bored with the format now. I want to freshen things up, both in style and content. So, to confront that head on I’ve set myself a little blogging challenge to blog for 30 days ( week days that is, as I’m trying more and more to have offline weekends ). I don’t really want to think of it as a challenge though, but more a way to focus a bit on how I’d like to see this blog from now on. I could wait till the start of the month , because I like that kind of orderliness. But that feels like procrastination, so I’m going to dive right in and start today.

Instead of berating myself for things not done, posts unwritten and progress unmade I will take note of one of my favourite phrases “Start where you are”. And when I take stock of where I am , surprisingly, I have managed to do more this year than I had initially supposed. If you are feeling stuck then I suggest you do the same, start where you are, use what you have.

Do you have a favourite motto that you use to get yourself moving again, or to encourage yourself ?

( The image above is of some of the images on display just now at the Jitter Bean Cafe in South Queensferry – a good value and cosy cafe facing the water on Queensferry High Street )


3 thoughts on “Day 1 -Reviewing, Revising and Reviving – 30 days of Blogging

  1. Start where you are is a good one! I think the other is be dogged just keep going… I tend to be sidlined by things not going perfectly in the end going back to it again and again what ever it is gives progress in the end.

  2. I can soooo identify with this blog post, as that’s exactly how i was feeling thought out November and December about my creativity and my blog – maybe I need a blog challenge for myself too. Start where you are – I like it!!

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