Giveaway winners and Kaffe Fassett Book Review.

Kaffe Fassett Book Review from RhiannonConnelly on Vimeo.

A big thank you to all of you who helped me to celebrate by joining in my giveaway – and without further ado, here are the winners.

Rachel Horne and Juliet Wilson have scooped up a $50 voucher each, to use in my Etsy shop. If you leave a comment with an email contact I will let you know what to do. ( I will not publish the comment , so your email won’t be public)

Cynthia H, Nancy Moon and Sherri Spaulding have each won a set of 5 postcards. If you let me know your mailing address for the postcards I will get them off to you – again , send me your info in a comment ( which will be kept private. )

Any prize that has not been claimed within 10 days will be reallocated.

I also know, after my recent post on Kaffe Fassett’s exhibition, that many people would like to visit but are unable, so I decided to do a video review of his recent book. If you can’t make it along to the exhibition then the book will give you a good flavour of how his career has developed.

Notes on video – I have discovered it is quite tricky to hold a book and a camera and turn the pages at the same time. I think I need to put some kind of little tripod on my shopping list. But I decided to upload this one anyway, rather than wait to get it all “perfect”.


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