Blogiversary – 5 years !

Coffee Heart

I knew I started blogging sometime in the month of April, but wasn’t sure exactly when. I thought it was later in the month, but it turns out that it was yesterday, the 1st of April. By the sound of my first post, April 2008 was a great deal less chilly than the 2013 version. I also find it just a little tiny bit scary that those five years have passed by so very fast.

Anyway, five seems like too big a number to just let go without marking it somehow but I am caught slightly on the hop as I thought I had a week or so to dream something up.

So please check back over then next few days -or , if you don’t want to have to remember to do that, then subscribe to my studio newsletter and you will get a tip -off.


2 thoughts on “Blogiversary – 5 years !

  1. Congratulations, Rhiannon! What a major milestone! Wow! I hope you’ll be treating yourself to something wonderful to make the occasion! xx

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