Top up Your Twitter Toolkit


I was quite an early bird with Twitter and at that time it was small and manageable without needing many extra tools. Now it has grown into a completely different animal and can easily be overwhelming.

In fact, I found I was using it less and less and not really enjoying the experience. Time to review which tools are available to improve the Twitter experience .

So these are my current favourites.

Firstly there is This enables you to queue up 10 twitter posts in advance. You can specify the time of day that they go out and also which days. ( For example you can choose not to send any over the weekend.). There is a paid account for larger numbers of tweets, but so far I’ve found 10 is plenty for my needs. I’ve used other similar methods before, but what makes Bufferapp a bit more useful is that you can see which links are clicked on, favourited or retweeted. So it should be easier to make your choice of tweets relevant and interesting. Once these tweets are ready it is much easier to just pop into Twitter once or twice a day and respond in person.

If you’ve had an account for a while the other thing that needs checking is which of your Twitter followers are still active. There’s no point following or being followed by 5000 people if none of them have said anything for a year ! So have a spring clean and flush out those accounts that are sitting dormant. There are plenty tools for doing this too, but the one I prefer at the moment is In addition to removing the inactive accounts you can use it to follow people who are following you, but that you aren’t following back. Or the other way round.

What is your favourite Twitter tool ?

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