Thinking about “Writer’s Hours”

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One of the things I sometimes struggle a bit with, is bringing some structure into my day, and when that happens I fleetingly envy those office folk who have some of that structure set in place for them. Once I am underway with a project it builds its own momentum, but at points where there are a lot of changes, or new things need to be started up and routines created I do find it a bit hard to settle in.

Often I’ll deal with this by picking up a book and seeing if it points me in the right direction. And today that was a book with a section that caught my eye about “writer’s hours” and how different writers worked best at a particular time of day. This got me thinking about which time of day I thought I did my best work. And wondering if I was in fact working at that time, or just running around doing some of those essential daily chores.

My conclusion is, I’m just not really a morning person ( not too surprised at that revelation ! ) . At least, not in the wintery half of the year. So I’ll use the first part of the morning to do some of the things that “need to be done”, like social media or website updating or household tasks. But I’ll make sure that the things I’m really interested in progressing will get a time slot when I am most focussed. I’m going to experiment a bit with this, but for now, I think that between 2-6 and after tea until about 10 are good times for me. Obviously I’ll need to be a bit flexible with this on days when I have things on in the evening. And maybe I’ll find that I do prefer to get more work done earlier and have the evening “off”. But by paying attention to it hopefully I will settle on the best combination for me.

So my new routine. Get up fairly early, have a good breakfast and then get some fresh air , before tackling the day. I often feel like going for a short walk in the morning, ( when its not cold and horrible) , but talk myself out of it as it is time to be “getting on with things”. Then I’ll give my main attention to the hours between 2 and 6, with a top up after dinner.

Do you keep “writer’s hours” ? What time of day do you do your best work ?

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One thought on “Thinking about “Writer’s Hours”

  1. Good to see you’re blogging again. Evening works better for me, once all the “jobs” are done. I’m only structured when there’s a deadline and even then, if I get engrossed in a book, forget it…..

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