Back to the Land of Porridge


Who would have thought that “half moving” back to Scotland would be such an upheaval ? Not quite as bad as when I moved to this little sea-side house , but still enough to cause a bit of a pause in photo related proceedings. So as not to add to the situation I closed my Etsy shop over the period . But I am happy to announce that it is back open today with a little bit of a bonus. From now until midnight on Friday I’m having a 2 for 1 offer – the less expensive item is complimentary and you just have to let me know what your choice is as you go through the Etsy checkout ( there is a form called “Note to Seller” ).

And yes, I’ve been back to porridge making too. Today was snowing when I got up and porridge seemed to be the best choice for breakfast. I like using the big oats rather than the traditional oatmeal. I suspect this means I’ll never win the Golden Spurtle ( A spurtle is a wooden stick traditionally used to stir porridge) at the porridge championships. Yes, they do exist ! I took one of my groups of tourists there in one of the early years and it was an interesting spectacle. Those golden spurtles are hotly contested. This year will be the 20th championship, in the Speyside village of Carrbridge.

Even though I might not be a champion porridge maker I do have my own little secrets. One of these was taught to me by my Godfather. How do you know when the porridge is ready ? As it bubbles along on the stove top you can hear it splutter “Ach -il -ti- buie ,Ach -il -ti- buie” . This means it still has a little while to go. When it is ready you’ll hear the song change to “Pool -ewe , Pool -ewe “. Try it – it does work !


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