Spotlight on Jurianne Matter

Jurianne Matter lanterns

Another favourite Dutch designer this year (last year ) has been Jurianne Matter. I like her work for a number of reasons but in particular her use of designs on paper fits in with my nomadic and portable decorative themes.

My first acquistion were these paper lanterns. Nice details are that they work on both sides of the paper , and although you could use them with tea lights , using them with little electric lights works well too.

She brought out a few prints that can be framed – again using interesting cut out techniques to create 3D effects. And with the clever use of a two colour backing sheet so that again, you can personalise your choice of final effect.
circles 1

And the latest addition to her collection are these geometrically patterned circles. They could be pressed into service on a christmas tree , but I think they can get away with year round decoration too. I found some white painted twigs to hang them in and they have looked great in the Dutch flat. Her colours seem to echo the colours that you find in the 30s and 50s – oranges, blues , yellows and greens – but quite muted versions.

circles 2

And of course, now that we are on the move, everything can be flattened down, smoothed or folded and packed up , ready to find a new home.

You can see more of her work and find out where you can buy her designs on her own website, but if you are near Hebden Bridge the lovely Radiance Lighting shop also stocks some of her designs.


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