Spotlight on LoveMyrte’s Birds .

Myrte 1

As my Dutch adventure is drawing to a close I thought I’d mark this by featuring a different Dutch designer or favourite place each day this week. I have really enjoyed being able to discover more artists and crafts people during my stay here.

I’ve had this particular post waiting for quite a while. In fact ever since I went to Eindhoven for the Hello Etsy conference. As the Dutch Design Week was on the go at the same time it was a good opportunity to have a look around at other exhibitions. And one additional bonus was to be able to visit Myrte de Zeeuw’s new studio. She has a fantastic space on an upper floor of one of the former Philips buildings – great light and a lovely spot. She allowed me to take a few photos to share with you.

Myrte 3

If you are in the Netherlands you will recognise her work straight away as her bird cushions have been featured in a lot of the Dutch interior magazines. If her designs are new to you then you are in for a treat. Over time she has built up a reputation for beautifully designed bird cushions. But she doesn’t just choose random birds to represent, which, incidentally, she draws on her computer , feather by feather. Each bird that she depicts is one that she has had a particular connection with – such as the pigeon that marks her father’s victory with a racing pigeon as a child.

She is branching out now to other areas too, such as clothing, wallpaper and bedlinen featuring the birds too.

Her site is here – and you can read about the “behind the scenes” stories on her blog.


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