The Knitting Continues ….

knit 1

Ever since I went to hear Kaffe Fassett speak a few weeks ago I have been on a knitting roll. I haven’t knitted for years although I used to knit a lot as a student. Fortunately it does indeed seem to be like riding a bicycle – once learned, never forgotten. I do enjoy knitting these little squares as they are satisfyingly quick to knock out. And the mixed colour wool is also part of the charm as the colour combinations change constantly. Like Kaffe said, I can’t really imagine knitting a whole jumper in grey wool. And it is interesting how the colour combinations that emerge are finding their way into my photo images and paintings. It just confirms to me again that it is all about colour.

knit 2

In between I’m also knitting something else, but that must remain a “secret project” for now !

In case this should make it sound like I have put my cameras to one side, this is not the case ! I am trying to cover a lot of ground this month and am shooting with a mixed bag of phone, holga, polaroid and “big” camera. Oh yes – there will be plenty images from this Dutch month.

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(Ps – If you saw the previous version of my post, I’m still planning a subscriber giveaway but have deferred it until next month. )


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