Book Review – “Decorate Workshop” by Holly Becker

Last week I rather crazily went to London for the day. Actually ,it’s quite amazing that you can get there in little more than 4 hours. I like travelling by train so the journey just whizzed by. There was a bit of time for a stroll and then I headed across to Regent Street. ( I couldn’t resist a little whirl round Liberty – and was glad to see that the flower stall was still there after all ). Then a bit further to Anthropologie who were hosting Holly Becker’s book signing event. Holly had invited some of the London bloggers who have taken her courses to meet up a little earlier, and as I’ve been trying to meet up with them for months , this seemed a good opportunity. Here Holly is being interviewed by Will from BrightBazaar

Anthropologie is one of those stores that is a real visual tonic. Bursts of colour and unusual textures and shapes. I have a soft spot for their ceramics. Tea and cake or prosecco made the evening get off to a good start and I really enjoyed meeting up with some of the local bloggers and hope to meet up again, before too long. It was also fun to meet Susannah Conway and Yvonne author of the lovely Yvestown blog who even came over from The Netherlands for the occasion.

I have to confess I didn’t buy the book on the night – I had an already heavy bag with me and couldn’t bear to add even a gram to that , so waited until I was back home.

The book takes the form of a workshop with 8 different stages to go through , from seeking inspiration, to establishing your own style through to the practicalities of completing the project. Even if you already have quite strong ideas about how you like your living spaces to be, there is plenty food for thought and lots of very inspirational photographs of interiors from Europe and America. And if you have never tackled an interior design project before this will lead you through it step by step. I have quite a lot of design decisions to make over the next while so it will be a useful resource. And actually, I think a lot of the stages could be applied to many different projects , not just interiors.

If you’d like to have a wee look inside then here is a sample from the publishers to whet your appetite.

In other news, due to “logistics” I’ve decided that I’ll close my Etsy shop from the end of November until the end of the year. So if there is something you’ve had your eye on this is a wee bit of advance notice. Also, if you like to know what is cooking behind the scenes, my next studio newsletter will be out next week. You can make sure you get a copy by subscribing here.

(One of the mood boards from the book – I should add that the photography throughout is by Debi Treloar and absolutely gorgeous.)


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