Deepest Transylvania

With all my other short trips on top of the , by now regular, shuttling between Scotland and Holland I still have a little bit of a backlog from my summer trip to Romania. It seems ages ago now – but it is nice to remember those hot sunny days now that it is getting decidedly chilly in South Queensferry. I think these photos were from the one day that was a bit cloudy in the whole trip !

These photos are from the fields above the village of Miklosvar and they really reminded me of Patrick Leigh Fermour’s wondeful book “Between the Woods and the Water” . It felt as though you could have headed on for miles and not met a soul.

Incidentally, I met some riders while I was there who told me it was an amazing place to go riding as there are very little of the fences and barriers that they usually have to contend with – just big stretches of open country.

Another book that gives a bit of a glimpse into rural Romanian life is William Blacker’s Along the Enchanted Way.


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