All Roads Lead to Hebden Bridge

Well – maybe not all, but certainly a lot of them !
And so I found myself in this little Yorkshire town at the end of September. The initial plan for a one day meeting with friends from last year’s Do What You Love retreat expanded and became a slightly longer visit with time to see even more friends, participate in Kat Sloma’s Sense of Place photo workshop and visit the wonderful Radiance lighting shop in person.
One of those little “escapes” that leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Kat’s photo workshop was based on her longer online workshop , which you can read more about here. But in the offline version we spent a very enjoyable morning discussing what a sense of place could mean, in terms of photography. What kind of story we are trying to tell with our images. We looked at which elements we are already drawn to and what we might consider in future. Thought about what to bring in terms of kit and also about how we can make the whole experience more enjoyable in general. And all this using a nicely printed brochure that Kat had prepared, full of examples and suggestions. In fact, more than we had time to go through on the day, so plenty left to consult later on. Fiona, who was hosting the workshop, kept us topped up with tea and coffee and then gave us some reviving lunch before joining us on our walk to Hardcastle Crags above the town. Through leafy paths next to the river with , at journey’s end, the surprise of a water mill, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.


6 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Hebden Bridge

  1. Hello lovely! We are home. I just did a little blog post about our visit. Thanks again for having us. Nice to read your HB post (thank for the mention) and nice to see you wrote your Hello Etsy post. Will follow those links after a good nights sleep. Seems like days ago that we were standing on your jetty! xx

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