Notes from the East Part 2 –

A few thoughts about Travel – The way you’ve always done something is not always the easiest, or even the cheapest.

Sometimes, its ok to go for the “grown up’ option.

Twice during the trip on arrival a car was prearranged and waiting with a name board. ( Even if it did say Mr Rhiannon ) This is not something I’ve done before as I usually think I’ll be perfectly able to work out the local transport. But I have to say, that when arriving late in the day, or somewhere that is going to be trickier to work out, it made for a very relaxing arrival.

In a similar vein, I’m usually a very budget conscious traveller. ( I had to be, to get round those 12 cities ) But now and again just a little bit extra can pay off. If you are on a train in Eastern Europe, the chances are it won’t cost too much to upgrade to first class. If you are doing a very long journey, as I was, it was well worth it for that extra little bit of comfort. Although the one downside is that you miss out on some of the local hustle and bustle of people using the long distance train for shorter hops.

The picture on this post is from Sibiu. This is one of my “12 Cities” so I couldn’t resist a quick stop off en route. It just reminded me how much I like this place and that I should come back soon and spend a bit longer here. Why do I like it so much ? Hard to put my finger on – its just a nice place to “be”.

As with most of the other images in this series it was taken with my Iphone – and I am hard at work behind the scenes to complete the Iphonography course . I don’t yet have a completion date, but if you’d like to be tipped off then you can subscribe here.


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