Notes from the East – Part 1.

Well, I’ve been off on my travels again. Despite the fact that moving between Scotland and Holland for a year has largely satisfied my wanderlust, there was a birthday to be celebrated, and what better way than to do that with a little trip. Over the years I have collected a few favourite places and this time I decided to follow in my “12 City Project” footsteps and visit both Budapest and Romania. Although once in Romania I was headed for an area that I’d not been to before – pictures to follow in the next few posts.

Its nice to mix things up and have a combination of the familiar with the new. And so ,to Budapest, where I’d found a very lovely little flat to rent. On the Buda side of the city in a very charming neighbourhood which was good for transport to the rest of the city but also full of little bistros and cafes, not to mention a really good daily market.

( If you are planning a trip to Budapest this is the company I used – great customer care, with lots of tips about the area )

I travelled light this time, no big camera gear , so all the images come from either my trusty point and shoot or from my iphone. ( By the way,now that it is autumn and I have a bit more time, I am working on a little something that will help you get the most out of your images. Initially I planned to cover only Iphonography – but due to a few requests I will also make a version that is appropriate to those of you using simple digital cameras. If you’d like to get a tip off when it is ready you can subscribe here. )


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