August Break – The Broch of Gurness

Did you recognise the image from yesterday’s post ? If you did, chances are you’ve been to Orkney.

I’ve been many times ( from the Tourist Guiding Days) and Skara Brae is a firm fixture. But in the 20 years or so since I’ve been going there ( actually – alarmingly, I realise even longer than that ! ) gradually the site had to become more and more restricted. Now this is very good for the preservation of the site, but less good if you are trying to actually get your head round the fact that people lived here over 2000 years ago ! My nephew visited Orkney last year and he recommended this site as “even better than Skara Brae” , so of course I had to go. And do you know what , I agree with him.

Because this site is down a little wee road that buses can’t access it is not yet very widely visited and so doesn’t need to be protected from masses of feet ( for now ).
The area that is exposed includes a central “Broch” and then a whole cluster of little houses around the outside. Little houses with the same kind of interior styling as Skara Brae, with alcoves and recognisable dressers.

A bit more info about the site here and here


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