Dutch Life

A year or so ago I took a notion to prepare some redcurrants the way I remembered my Oma doing. I was in Scotland at the time and hunted high and low for the elusive berries. I think I did find some in the end, but they are hard to track down.  Fast forward to this summer and access to Dutch markets and greengrocers – redcurrants everywhere !

I love the simplicity of them and also the jewel red colour. Just rinse, use a fork to take the berries off the stalk , sprinkle with a little sugar ( they are tart without any sugar ) and leave to sit for a while. Eat with a little yoghurt or “vla” as the Dutch call their ready made cold custard.

(I should point out, that this is my take on what “Dutch Life” might be – based on my explorations and recollections – I’m not making any general statements here ! )


By request , I am preparing a short course to share my tips and tricks . If you’d like a wee tip off when it is ready to launch you can sign up here and I will keep you informed.


I am also participating with the Etsy “Christmas in July” event – it only runs for a week or so. You’ll find some midsummer bargains in this section of my shop. And a search on Etsy using the same tag will throw up lots of other participants.


One thought on “Dutch Life

  1. Redcurrants … I have the same memories of my Oma preparing these in the same way ! Lovely to see this image. Takes me right back to how they tasted.

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