Iphonography – Here to stay ? (And something coming soon…)

I have a “big boy’s camera” , in fact I have several. I have various other cameras, Holgas, Polaroids and others besides. What do I shoot 80% of my images with at the moment ?( Maybe the amount is even higher.) You guessed – with my phone.

And I am not alone in this. There are wedding photographers who have shot an entire wedding with a camera phone. ( Not that I’m entirely advocating that you choose this option if you are getting married . ) But just to illustrate that the humble phone camera is moving into the mainstream and giving the other cameras a run for their money.

And why is this ?

You have the camera with you all the time – and the best camera is the one that you have with you. Its easy and quick. You can upload your images to all your social networks in an instant.

And it is a great leveler. Everyone can get involved and shoot to their hearts content. But maybe you’ve joined in a bit and not been that happy with your results. Or you have an image now and again that you really love, but no idea how you created it. Or you’d like to be more experimental, learn new techniques, have someone else do some of the legwork and suggest which apps give you the most creative scope.

If this is you, then help is at hand.

I have had so many people asking me about my techniques with the iphone that I have decided to pull together a course to share what I have learnt and let you speed up your iphonography skills in half the time it took me.

Of course, I can’t separate my thoughts on iphonography from my ideas about creativity in general , so there will be a liberal sprinkling of tips and tricks that have helped me maintain and develop my creative practice.

Anyway, if you’d like to know as soon as the material is available , please sign up using the form here and you’ll get an email from me previewing the launch. I’ll also be giving away a couple of free spots amongst the early sign  ups.


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