Polaroid Painting – Leiden

One of the good things about spending some time in Leiden ( and Amsterdam ) is that I am identifying some of the locations where I made Polaroid Paintings in the past. When I am “in the zone” and strolling about, shooting and then manipulating images I don’t always pay such close attention to things like actual location. Partly it is because only some of the images will actually become part of my portfolio. And partly it is because I am just so concentrated on the image making part of things. However, when I come to actually present the images it is quite useful to know this information. This is one of those recently identified images – one of a pair – in the Hooglandse Kerkgracht in Leiden.

Also today, my Hortensia/Hydrangea pendant is featured on a lovely blog this morning.  There are some gorgeous bushes in the gardens here that are also on my radar to photograph soon – this time with very pink flowers.

And , by popular request the first of the cufflinks to be added to the “wearable art”  section in my  Etsy shop. I did a few as a trial and some have already been snapped up before even getting listed, so I will definitely being doing some more.


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