Five on a Friday

Reviving my theme of Five on a Friday today.

Today’s five –

I have been enjoying trying out some new recipes – partly inspired by being able to find other ingredients in Holland. And landed on Tartelette’s blog , which I hadn’t visited for a while. I made both the salad and the tabouleh – both were delicious. Just perfect summer food. The galette is going to be on the menu over the weekend !

I fell out of love with Instagram a little bit, when it was bought by Facebook. I like supporting small indie outfits. But I’ve missed it. The community is really lovely there – like Twitter in pictures, so I’m going to start posting there more regularly again. Do you use Instagram ? Please let me know your name there if you do – I’d love to see your pictures. (You’ll find me @rhiannonmc )

I am making a bit of time in my day to get painting again after a couple of weeks where it just seemed hard to fit it in. But it is just so much fun I am making it a priority again. One book that I dip into regularly for a bit of inspiration is Flora Bowley’s book Brave Intuitive Painting.

I also always enjoy popping in to Michael Nobb’s Sustainably Creative  blog. He records a daily podcast for his subscribers ( which includes me )-  but every couple of weeks he makes it available to everyone. ( I think his membership group is currently closed to new subscribers but will open again later in the year.)  He is a good advocate for getting things done is small manageable steps. And resting when required.

And finally – do you like getting mail that is more cheerful than brown envelopes ? Mary Gorden has recently opened her Etsy shop and is offering to send out postcards from her upcoming trip to Ireland. Postcards from the road and a set of postcards afterwards from images she shot en route.


My own news is that my  “jewellery studio” in Leiden continues to develop. I had a customer drop by and choose some pieces in person. Perhaps later in the year I will do a more “official” trunk show there  – perhaps together with a couple of other makers in Leiden. That’s an interesting  thought. In the meantime you can see the new range here – the next things to be added are some earrings and cufflinks.


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